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Kidderminster Town Council

Kidderminster Parish Council was formed on 1st December 2015 and is  made up 18 Town Councillors for Kidderminster. The Town Council is elected from  6 wards with 3 councillors in each ward.  The Town  Councillors give their time and efforts completely voluntarily on behalf of the communities they represent.


Town Council Wards & Members

Use the map below to locate your ward. You can then refer to the toggles underneath to find your local councillor. All members of the Town Council have completed an entry in the Members’ Register of Interests.

Blakebrook & Habberley South
Cllr John Beckingham
Cllr Vicky Caulfield
Cllr Steve Hollands
Franche & Habberley North
Cllr Ben Brookes
Cllr George Connolly
Cllr Bernadette Connor
Cllr Mary McDonnell
Cllr Mary Rayner
Cllr Daniel Round
Offmore & Comberton
Cllr Liam Carroll
Cllr Shazu Miah
Cllr Fran Oborski
Aggborough & Spennells
Cllr John Aston
Cllr Helen Dyke
Cllr Doug Hine
Foley Park & Hoobrook
Cllr Darren Chambers
Cllr Nicky Gale
Cllr Mike Smith