Kidderminster Town Council is awarded a grant by The National Lottery Heritage Fund

A Journey through Kidderminster’s Town Hall Project submitted by Kidderminster Town Council is awarded a £249,696 grant by The National Lottery Heritage Fund for Restoration and Heritage Volunteer Programme

This project will bring to life, preserve and maintain interest in the heritage of the town in different ways and connect people to the building through improved interpretation. This will give people an awareness and understanding of place of the Town Hall in the story of Kidderminster.

For locals and visitors, the history associated with the Town Hall and its role in the rich cultural heritage of Kidderminster – especially in popular music of the day – will be revealed. Over the years the building, in particular the Music Room and Corn Exchange, has welcomed famous speakers of the day including Emmeline Pankhurst, Winston Churchill, Ernest Shackleton and Robert Baden Powell as well as a wide variety of famous music artists including Edward Elgar, The Who, The Rolling Stones, U2 and Robert Plant, who is still a regular visitor.

Volunteering opportunities within the town centre will be created, not only through the programme of tours, but also through programming of events and activities which will reach groups of people who may not have previously engaged with heritage. Under-served groups will be targeted and links developed with new and existing minorities and communities.

Commenting on the award, David Ross, the Chairman of Kidderminster Town Council Town Hall Committee said:

“We are thrilled to have received this support thanks to National Lottery players and are confident the project will complement the current refurbishment project and engage the local community and visitors with the history, heritage and create civic pride in their Town Hall.”

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