Kidderminster Town Council supports the Winter Warm Hub

Kidderminster Winter Warm Hub 

At its meeting on 14th December, Kidderminster Town Council considered a proposal from Councillor David Ross following a request to several Town Councillors from Weavers Wharf Centre Manager Jackie Roberts to provide some assistance towards a Warm Hub.

The Council unanimously agreed to provide financial support of £2,000 to the Winter Warm Hub that recently opened in the Town Centre in Vicar Street.

Councillor Kevin Gale, Mayor of Kidderminster said:

“While I would wish that wider economic situation was not as it is, so that we would not have to consider providing support for such things, it is a regrettable reality at this time. I was encouraged but certainly not surprised by the full-hearted support of the Council to provide some financial assistance.”

Councillor David Ross, Leader of Kidderminster Town Council said:

“While the original request from Jackie to the Council was for some spare furniture, cutlery and some advice it was clear that more was needed and that not everything on her shopping list might be obtained by donations. I am pleased that the Town Council had already offered use of spare furniture and equipment and most grateful for the initiative shown by Jackie and the flexibility of the owners of the property (Nuveen) that is being utilised who appear to be forgoing the rent & picking up all other building costs. The offer of warm space and some friendly faces will be of huge benefit to some at this time.”

Jackie Roberts, Weavers Wharf Shopping Centre Manager said:

“The first few days have gone very well & the Hub has been well received by the community. The very generous grant from the Town Council will allow us to purchase a cash register & extend our offer from hot drinks to basic hot food from the beginning of January 2023. Weavers Wharf Shopping Centre Charity Fund & Kidderminster Community Warm Hub would like to thank Kidderminster Town Council for the grant & the donation of redundant equipment from the Town Hall.”