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What is the ‘No Barriers’ project?

No Barriers The Mike Oborski Awards is an annual reward scheme recognising local businesses, organisations and individuals who provide significant access, service or employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the Wyre Forest district.

The awards also celebrate those who have given particular consideration for the wider needs of people within the community, for example, nursing mothers.

Applications are invited for those who go the extra mile for people when it’s not part of their usual role.

We hope that be celebrating these achievements it will inspire and encourage other to be more inclusive.

Specific value to be recognised are customer friendliness, accessibility and employment opportunities.

The Awards panel includes the Mayor, Town Councillors and representatives from local community groups and businesses. The panel reviews all nominations.

The judges’ decision is final and will be announced at the awards ceremony on Wednesday 15th December 2021.

Who was Mike Oborski?

The Mike Oborski ‘No Barriers’ Awards have been set up in the memory of Councillor Mike Oborski, who initiated this project.

Mike was elected to the then Hereford and Worcester CC in 1973 and to WFDC in 1976; he served on both Councils and HWFRA until his death in February 2007.

Mike was Polish Honorary Consul for the West Midlands. The idea for the awards came from a similar scheme that runs in Gdynia, Poland. We are very grateful to the Mayor of Gdynia for kindly allowing us to use the Gdynia ‘Bez Barier’ logo.

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Deadline to submit your nomination is 3rd December.

If you have any enquiries about the ‘No Barriers’ the Mike Oborski Awards please us on 01562 732680 or

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