Kidderminster Town Council

Sheepfest Competition 2019

Celebrating Kidderminster’s Heritage


Kidderminster Town Council is supporting Sheepfest again this year. This was a hugely popular competition run in 2017 which numerous community groups, churches and local organisations took part in.


Sheepfest is a competition to celebrate the heritage and history of the town with links to Kidderminster being a market town and being granted a Charter from King Charles 1 to be able to keep the profit from the market for the good residents of Kidderminster and the wool for the carpet industry which has been linked with the town for over 400 years. The competition is aimed at community groups, charities and churches to take part.

Who does it benefit?

All monies raised from the competition will go to supporting Twigs.

Twigs is part of the Emily Jordan Foundation (EJF) which was set up by Emily's family and friends after she died in April 2008 when on holiday. Emily understood the difficulties that people with disabilities faced both socially and when trying to gain employment. Emily helped to set up Spokes which became a registered charity, so the development of the Emily Jordan Foundation was the next logical step to continue with her good work. All of the EJF projects, with full Trainee involvement engage directly with the public, schools, business and the wider community. 

Specifically, The Together We Involve Gardening Services (TWIGS) was established in 2013 and offers a different kind of opportunity. Trainees develop new skills based around gardening and horticulture. Having refurbished the once redundant greenhouses on Brinton Park, the trainees now have a great environment in which they get fully involved. Twigs is situated at Brinton Park, Sutton Road, Kidderminster.

How Does Sheepfest Work?

  1. Sheepfest is a competition to produce the best decorated wooden sheep that shows off the heritage and history of Kidderminster.
  2. The base wooden sheep are available from Twigs and cost of £50.00.
  3. Once decorated they will be put on display in The Swan Centre between Friday 18th October 2019 and Friday 1st November 2019 when the Town Mayor, Councillor David Ross, will oversee the judging for the winner.
  4. The winner will be selected by a public vote and voting forms will be available at the Swan Centre.

How do you take part?

  1. Contact the Town Council to register and get your collection form/number.
  2. Cheques should be made payable to Kidderminster Town Council.
  3. Sheep can then be collected from Twigs.
  4. Decorated sheep need to be delivered to the Town Hall no later than Friday 18 October.
  5. The judging will take place on Friday 1 November 2019 at the Swan Centre.
  6. The winning ‘sheep’ will receive a £100.00 prize for their group.
  7. Sheep can then be reclaimed from the Town Hall on Monday 2 December 2019.

Contact Details

If you would like more information on Sheepfest please contact:

Tony Beirne, Town Council – 01562 732680 or

Sharon Tandy, Town Council - 01562 732681